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Schedule for Upcoming Parents Day

Hello Dancers and Parents!

Due to the new traffic light at our intersection we are going to divide our Parent’s Days into 3 weeks to ease congestion at the light.  We are happy about the safety the new light provides but it is causing some big backups at pick up times! We have contacted VDOT but it does not seem to be easing – even thought our enrollment has stayed the same all these years the backup has increased. To help with this situation – the following teachers will have their Parent’s Days on the following weeks… the last 20 minutes of each class.

Week of Nov 27th – Parent’s Days for
Stephanie Patterson
Nikki Gambhir
Jen Baxter
Hilary Tone
Emma Bradley

Week of Dec 4 – Parent’s Days for
Jamee Lyons
Alison Hall
Carmen Perez
Joshua Burnham
Virginia Britton
Nickolai Balatsenko
Alli Smith
Sylvern Groomes
Karlyn Williams
Laura Fong
Melissa Hargett
Lisa Mitchell

Week of Dec 11 – Parent’s Days for
Tom Alexander
Katie Storch
Linda Boyle
LeeAnn Bushar
Mckena Driscoll



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