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DMI Competition Results!


Maddie Fee – Retters Scholarship
Olivia Pincombe – Clifton Scholarship
Mackenzie Holub – Movement Lifestyle Scholarship
Galle Mabalay – Retters Scholarship
Michael Cherry – DMI Regional Scholarship
Amina Yufanyi – Full Scholarship to DMI Summer Intensive
Claire Shirkey – DMI Regional Scholarship
Eva Satre – DMI Regional Scholarship
Emma Wolan – National Scholarship
Charlotte Gaskins – National Scholarship
Reagan Baxter – Steven Boyd Scholarship


Breathe Me (Caleigh Mrowka) – Miss Pre Teen High Score

Let Her Go (Gaby Mabalay) – 9th Runner up Miss Pre Teen High Score

December (Grace Miller) – 2nd Runner up Miss Teen High Score

I See Fire (Eva Satre) – 3rd Runner up Miss Teen High Score

Diamonds (Ilara Pritchard) – 6th Runner up Miss Teen High Score

Runaway (Erin Dutton) – 8th Runner up Miss Teen High Score

Basic Instinct (Michael Cherry) – 1st Runner up Mr. Teen High Score

All I Really Need (Emma Presing) – 1st Runner up Miss Senior High Score

Taking Chances (Galle Mabalay) – 6th Runner up Miss Senior High Score

The Journey (Tomas Weinberger) – 1st Runner up Mr. Senior High Score



Walk It Off – 1st Place, Pre Teen Duo/Trio High Score

The Days – 1st Place

My Shadow – 1st Place, Senior Duo/Trio High Score

Long Way Down – 1st Place

Fly On – 1st Place

Lips Are Movin’ – 1st Place

Running with the Wolves – 2nd Place

Ain’t No Sunshine – 2nd Place

Mine – 1st Place

Drop the Game – 1st Place

Flaws – 1st Place


Group Pieces:

Surf Crazy – 1st Place, Camp Dance Adventure High Score

All for One – 1st Place, Junior Production High Score

Party Time – 1st Place

Shooting Stars – 1st Place

Apologies – 1st Place, Overall Pre Teen High Score

Run Boy Run – 1st Place

Say My Name – 1st Place, Senior Line High Score

Vapour – 1st Place

Silhouettes – 1st Place

Red Dust – 1st Place, Senior Group High Score

Fun – 1st Place

Betta Have My Money – 1st Place, Dance Again Award, Senior Production High Score

Gooey – 1st Place

Jumpin’ Jumpin’ – 1st Place

Emergency – 1st Place, Teen Group High Score

Canned Heat – 1st Place

Four Walls – 2nd Place

Broceliande –1st Place

Halo – 1st Place

Cup of Life – 1st Place

Nicest Thing – 1st Place, Teen Production High Score

Roll the Bass – 1st Place, Overall Teen High Score

Believe – 1st Place, Overall High Score of the weekend!!


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