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Intrigue Dance Intensive Competition Results!

Gooey – Platinum

Walk It Off – High Gold, Rays of Sunshine Award

La La La (Shelby Williams) – High Gold

Maps (Ashley Turpin) – High Gold

My Shadow – Platinum, Perfect Pair Award

I Will Follow You into the Dark (Charity Brooks) – High Gold

Unwritten (Leah Hale) – High Gold

Diamonds (Ilara Pritchard) – High Gold

Incomplete (Maddie Fee) – High Gold

I See Fire (Eva Satre) – High Gold, Total Commitment Award, 10th Place Overall Teen Solo

December (Grace Miller) – High Gold

The Start of Time (Mackenzie Holub) – Platinum, Contagious Smile Award, 2nd Place Teen Lyrical Solo, 4th Place Overall Teen Solo

Long Way Down – High Gold

Fly On – High Gold

All Through the Night (Julia Grabo) – High Gold, 3rd Place Teen Lyrical Solo, 7th Place Overall Teen Solo

Lips Are Movin’ – High Gold

Breathe Me (Caleigh Mrowka) – Platinum, 1st Place Junior Lyrical Solo, 1st Place Overall Junior Solo, Overall Junior High Score

Let Her Go (Gaby Mabalay) – High Gold, 4th Place Overall Junior Solo

Red dust – Platinum

Runaway (Erin Dutton) – High Gold, 8th Place Overall Teen Solo

Basic Instinct (Michael Cherry) – Platinum, So Much Potential Award, 2nd Place Teen Contemporary Solo, 2nd Place Overall Teen Solo

Departed (Elbie Kaleb) – High Gold

Flaws – High Gold, 1st Place Overall Senior Duo/Trio

God from the Machine (Emma Dutton) – High Gold

Don’t Wake Me Up (Alex Shaw) – Gold

Ribs (Moira Fagen) – High Gold

The Days – High Gold

Jumpin’ Jumpin’ – High Gold

The Journey (Tomas Weinberger) – Platinum, Powerhouse Award, 6th Place Overall Teen Solo

Wolves – High Gold

Move (Jessica Hall) – Gold

Emergency – High Gold

Canned Heat – High Gold

Vapor – Platinum, 1st Place Overall Senior Small Group, Choreography Award

Color My Heart (Cecily Hayek) – High Gold

Until We Go Down (Amina Yufanyi) – High Gold, 7th Place Overall Senior Solo

Four Walls – High Gold

I Will Be There (Schuyler Corrigan) – High Gold

Higher Love (Julia Baird) – High Gold

Song for Viola (Olivia Pincombe) – Platinum, 2nd Place Senior Lyrical Solo, 6th Place Overall Senior Solo

Invisible (Catherine Petrovich) – High Gold

Ruby Blue (Elise Roberts) – High Gold

Taking Chances (Galle Mabalay) – Platinum, Breath of Fresh Air Award, 1st Place Senior Lyrical Solo, 2nd Place Overall Senior Solo

Silhouettes – High Gold

Say My Name – Platinum


Other Specialty Awards:

Erin Dutton – 1st runner up Teen Improv Winner

Shelby Williams – Single Convention Scholarship

Eva Satre – Broadway Dance Center Scholarship

Erin Dutton – Year Long Convention Scholarship

Gaby Mabalay – Half Scholarship to Nationals

Caleigh Mrowka – Full Scholarship to Nationals

Amina Yufanyi – Single Convention Scholarship

Michael Cherry – Year Long Convention Scholarship

Galle Mabalay – Half Scholarship to Nationals

Tomas Weinberger – Half Scholarship to Nationals

Mackenzie Holub – Full Scholarship to Nationals


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