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Dance Supplies

Where to Buy!

Via Telephone/Internet: Discount Dance Supply

Local Dance Retail Stores:

Cinnamon Tree – (703) 435-3255
1108 Herndon Parkway
Herndon, Virginia 20170

Liesl Dancewear — 571-659-2937
12885 Hedgewood Dr.
Suite #141
Woodbridge, VA 22193

Heather’s Dancewear Boutique – (703) 331-5964
8759 Mathis Avenue
Manassas, Virginia 20110

The Dance Shoppe – (703) 815-3205
14215G Centerville Square
Centerville, Virginia 20121

Robcyns – (703) 379-7800
3660 King St.
Alexandria, Virginia 22302

 What You Will Need! Shoes & Attire

Dance Movement 3/Pre-Ballet:
Top: Pink Leotard
Tights: Capezio (#1915C) in Ballet Pink
Shoes: Pink Ballet
**Pre Ballet — hair must be in a bun or pinned back if too short for a bun**

Advanced Dance Movement, Dance I, Dance II:
Top: Pink Leotard
Tights: Capezio (#1915C) in Ballet Pink
Shoes: Pink Ballet & Black Tap (#N625C)

Tap/Jazz Age 7: 
Top: Leotard
Bottom: Dance Shorts/Pants
Shoes:  Black Tap Capezio (#N625C) & Caramel Jazz Slip On Capezio (#EJ2/EJ2C)
Top: Leotard
Bottom: Dance Shorts/Pants
Shoes:  Dance Paws (#DPP)/Foot Undeez (#H07/Ho7C)
Top: Black Leotard
Tights: Prima Soft(#101) in Ballet Pink
Shoes:  Pink Ballet Split-Sole Capezio(#2030/2030C)-Canvas
***Ballet attire is mandatory—hair must be in a bun or pinned back if too short for a bun***
Jazz/Musical Theater:
Top: Leotard
Bottom: Dance Shorts/Pants
Shoes:  Caramel Jazz Slip-On (#CG05/CG05C or x)
***Black Jazz shoes may be required for the recital***

Hip Hop:
Top: Tank top, hoodie
Bottom: Dance Shorts/Pants/Sweatpants
Shoes:  Levels Beginning – I/II – Black Low Top Dance Sneaker
Levels II/III-V – Black Combat Type Boot
*** Advanced Hip Hop Levels and Dance Company: Black Nike Sneakers***
Acro/Jumps, Leaps, Tricks, Turns: 
Top: Leotard
Bottom: Dance Shorts/Pants
Shoes:  None
Top: Leotard
Bottom: Dance Shorts/Pants
Shoes:  Tan Bloch Tap-On (#S0302L or G)
***Advanced Tap: Tan Capezio CG16, black may be required for recital!***
Top: Tank top, shirt
Bottom: Basketball shorts, gym pants
Shoes: See individual genre