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Fall Classes:


Dance Movement – (age 3)
An introduction to the world of dance using music, singing, props, instruments, stories and creativity to activate the imagination, increase body awareness, enhance socialization and establish a sense of joy through movement.

Advanced Dance Movement – (age 4)
An accelerated program advancing the Dance Movement skills and introducing age-appropriate ballet and tap technique. Strong emphasis on musical awareness, personal and stage space, sequencing, memory, and creativity.

Dance I – (age 5)
Dance Movement skills and age-appropriate technique in ballet, tap and jazz are amplified. The student will master a specific set of information, steps and movement sequences, while continuing to reinforce improvisation and creativity.

Dance II – (age 6)
Dance Movement skills and age-appropriate technique in ballet, tap and jazz. The student will master a specific set of information, steps and movement sequences, while continuing to enhance improvisation and creativity.

Pre-Ballet – (age 7)
Introduction to the world of ballet using Royal Academy of Dance outlines. Emphasis on establishing the critical basics of alignment, positions and proper coordination of feet, legs and arms, and movement through space. Mime, improvisation and creativity help mold a blossoming artist.

Tap/Jazz – (age 7)
Instructs an age-appropriate skill set in both Tap and Jazz. Focus on musicality, rhythm, timing, clarity, coordination, sequencing, and spatial/stage awareness.

 ACRO— (age 7+)

Cartwheels, bridges, headstands, hand stands proceeding to working on backbends and ups without assistance focusing on building strength and getting comfortable with being upside down and then proceeding to front overs, chin stands, elbow stands, walk overs focusing on control, strength, and flexibility and then proceeding to scissor walkovers, tinsikas, hand walks, more in depth flexibility, control, and strength movements.


Designed for both the hyper-mobile dancer looking to control their flexibility and the dancer looking to safely gain better splits, bridges/chest stands, and tumbling, this class focuses on increasing the extensibility and the neuromuscular efficiency of muscles through active flexibility and end-range control training. A typical class includes a short dynamic warm-up sequence, soft tissue preparation (foam rolling, trigger point release), nerve glides, and then muscle activation and strengthening.

AERIAL SILKS – (age 8+)

Perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from silks fabric. Climb the suspended fabric and wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral your body into and out of various positions. Increases upper body strength, core stability and flexibility.


Ballet – (age 8+)
Classes stress correct alignment, technique, terminology, fluidity, epaulment, port de bras and flexibility combined with strength and style. Goal is a sensitive, intelligent, professional stage performance.

Ballet Technique I and II – (age 9+ – level divisions on schedule)
Class focused on building strength and flexibility with the goal of improving ballet technique.

Ballet Class Series — (Advanced Ballet)

As a part of it’s mission to advance the art of ballet in the local community, Burke Civic Ballet is providing an opportunity for dancers to receive training from guest ballet instructors. Dates TBA, The cost is $25 per class. Enrollment forms will be available at Buffa’s Dance Studio.


This course will teach dancers how to assist classes, construct a curriculum and be a great role model for future generations. Dancers must be prepared to attend weekly class and do light assignments/course work outside the classroom.

HIP HOP— (age 7+)

One of the most current dance styles; offers a variety of movements from old school, new school, street, funk, jazz and free style. Using age-appropriate music, emphasis is placed on interpretation and style.


Jazz – (age 8+)
Each successive level adds steps, walks and combinations. Class includes warm-up, stretching, isolations, jazz walks, turns, pirouettes, across-the-floor patterns, and combinations.


Learn and improve jumps, leaps, turns, and special tricks along with working on flexibility.


Lyrical/Contemporary – (age 7+)
A cross between jazz, ballet and modern with an emphasis on drama and emotion.

Contemporary – (age 14+ – Advanced Level only)
A mix of ballet and modern techniques, expressing emotions through a combination of intricate, highly technical, and pedestrian/naturalistic movement.

MODERN— (age 8+)

Learn basics from many styles and methods and focus on technique, weight, isolation, suspension, and release. By experimenting, students will push their boundaries of expression through movement and improvisation. Student choreography will be explored through props, problem solving and teamwork.


Concentrates on Broadway style dance techniques as well as singing and theatre work.


Pre-Pointe – (age 11+)
A mandatory precursor to pointe work where dancers work on developing strength, placement and balance. Course is a dance year in length, uses ballet shoes, and does not participate in recital. Ballet levels II and up with Director’s Approval only.

Pointe – (age 12+)
By invitation only and must also be enrolled in a ballet class. Emphasizes proper placement, correct usage of pointe shoe in cooperation with entire body, and sequential progression of technique.

Pointe Technique – (Intermediate Pointe levels and higher)
Additional work on proper placement, strength, and progression of technique on pointe.

TAP— (age 8+)

Emphasis placed on clarity of sounds, rhythm, timing, coordination and style.


Designed for students who desire to be a part of a specialty dance group with additional performance, competition, convention, and choreography opportunities.